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Double Magazine Pouch for H&K P30, H&K USP Compact (9/.40) (Z2040 MP04 Paddle)


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Z2040 Features and benefits:

  • Comfortable contoured fit
  • Fully adjustable for cant
  • Rotates 360 degrees for every application (draw from the back, cross draw)
  • Connects to all IMI Defense modular platforms: Paddle | Belt Loop | Belt Clip | Low Ride Belt Loop | Drop Leg Platform
  • Made of durable black polymer
  • Adjusts with a simple Allen key
  • Designed for military & police personnel. Great for civilians & off duty officers

Z2040? Compatibility:

Beretta PX4 9mm/.40 | H&K P30 | H&K USP FS 9mm/.40 | Ruger SR9| Steyr M Series| S&W Sigma| Taurus 24/7 | CZ P-07|CZ P-09|?CZ 75 Tactical Sports?|?Walther PPX| Sig Sauer P250 FS / Compact |?Sig Sauer P320 FS / Compact? 9mm/.40


Additional information:

Weight 130 g


Manufactured at



Black, Green, Tan


IMI Defense




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