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RONI G2-34 CAA Gearup PDW Conversion Kit for Gen 3 Glock 34/35


Convert your Glock 34 35 to an accurate assault rifle within seconds.

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RONI G2-34 CAA Tactical PDW Conversion Kit for Gen 3 Glock 34/35

A quick overview of the Roni

The RONI (pat-pending), Pistol to Carbine weapon system conversion kit provides you the experience of owning a carbine system with the pistol.
  • No pistol disassembly required – just drop it into the shell.
  • An integrated below rail is mandatory.
  • Upper flattop rail – allows combinations of sight
  • Adjusted to fit any magnifier or night vision.
  • Three Picatinny rails for additional accessories.
  • Optional to add flip-up Backup sights (#FRS / #FFS), PBSS, OPS, ROCASE,PLS1Q and Aimpoint H1 on discounted prices!
  • Accepts silencers – up to 35.5mm diameter.
  • Optional to add quick-release brass-catcher.
  • Mill – Standard! No gunsmith requires!

The Roni comes with a FREE 3 years manufacturer warranty! (priceless)


Fits Gen 3 Glock 34/35

* Will not fit Glock 34L or any non-standard versions of Glock 34 / 35


Made Of Aluminum & Polymer

Measurements (with no addons):

  • Weight: 1,400 gr.
  • Length: 47 (Closed Max) – 57 (Open Max) cm.
  • Width:  6.5 cm
  • Height: 14 cm

Beware of copies! Many sellers are selling an airsoft version of the Roni (which is made of plastic) as the original Roni.

The original Roni is made by strong Aluminium rails and top of the noth Polymer which they carefully design to meet any need.

We are selling the original Roni, GUARANTEED!

Note for US buyers:

All the US buyers need an SBR tax stamp to assemble the Roni and their pistol together

*** The RONI BMX version does not require a tax stamp.

Easy guide of how to install your RONI:

The Roni does not require a gunsmith to be installed, just “drop” your pistol into the Roni and you are ready:

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Black, Green, Tan


CAA Industries





Gun Model

Glock 34, Glock 35

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