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RONI G2-CZ07 BMX (FULLY LEGAL in ALL states) CAA Gearup Tactical P.D.W Conversion Kit for CZ Duty 07

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SBR IS NOT REQUIRED CAA Gearup Tactical Roni BMX G2-CZ07 fits Model CZ Duty 07 P.D.W Pistol Carbin Conversion Kit is FULLY LEGAL in all states No need a Tax stamp

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* Roni BMX P.D.W Conversion Kit is LEGAL in all states – No need for Tax stamp *

Convert your Pistol to an accurate assault rifle within seconds.


The RONI (pat-pending) provides you a better grip, stability & platform to many accessories. Now you can use your pistol for a greater range, faster aiming, better accuracy.
new design improves integration between the pistol and the RONI.
The pair now function as one seamless unit.
larger gas ports – improves ventilation, allowing gases to escape quickly and reduce heat buildup.
Features a larger ejection port to eliminate jams and stove piping.
Longer upper Picatinny rail -25cm
Design to fit the Glock 18 – the auto switch is exposed to operate.
The cocking handle is longer & tighter on the pistol’s slide.
Optional locking screws – locks the pistol even tighter & prevents quick access/installation if needed.
Material: Aluminium & Polymer

RONI BMX G2-CZ For CZ duty 07

Available In Black, OD Green, Desert FDE Tan Color

* RONI BMX is available for all RONI models *

Accessories shown in photos with the Roni are not included in the Kit. You can find them in the category “Roni Accessories


Weight (gr) 1060
Length (cm) 61
height (cm) 14
width(cm) 6.5


Black, Green, Tan


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