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Vortex Optics VIPER? HD RETICLE EYEPIECE – Ranging (MOA) Reticle (VS-85REA)


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Want to be a better shot caller? Put a Viper Reticle Eyepiece on your Viper HD 85mm spotting scope and it becomes the perfect optical measuring stick for making spotter-to-shooter communication fast and easy. A fixed magnification of 33.5x gives you all the power you need, and a diopter ring and the ability to rotate the reticle to level it with the horizon line lets you customize your view.

Note: This eyepiece is specifically designed for use with the latest generation Viper HD 85mm spotting scopes – it is not compatible with the 65mm Viper HD models.


VS-85REA Features:

VS-85REA Specifications:

Magnification (85mm) 33.5x
Linear Field of View (85mm) 101 feet @ 1000 yards
Angular Field of View (85mm) 1.93 degrees @ 1000 yards
Eye Relief 18 mm
Length 1.73 inches
Weight 5.6 oz


VS-85REA Included In the Box:

  • Lens cover
  • Microfiber cleaning/carry pouch


Ranging (MOA) RETICLE:

Hashmarked ranging reticle using MOA-based subtension lines for ranging, holdover, and windage corrections. Secondary ranging references facilitate rapid range estimating.

Subtension detail for THE Ranging MOA reticle.



Vortex Optics


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